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http://indianaquariumhobbyist.com/community/ :: View topic - You have little protection for online purchases in India
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You have little protection for online purchases in India
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Author Message
Regular Poster on IAH
Regular Poster on IAH

Joined: Jan 24, 2008
Posts: 286
Location: Chembur, Mumbai

Status: Offline
PostPosted: Sat Jan 15, 2011 7:07 pm Post subject: Re: You have little protection for online purchases in India Reply with quote

coldfear39  wrote  (View  Post):                
Hi  Ram,
 If  I  am  not  wrong  then  almost  all  the  websites  we  deal  with  for  Online  purchase  are  either  B2C  or  C2C,  so  vulenrability  is  higher  than  as  compared  to  B2B  or  B2P  etc.
 Ebay.com  has  payment  method  through  paypal,  which  is  safe,  do  we  have  anykind  of  payment  mode  in  india?  I  suppose  no  whatever  other  mdeiums  of  fund  transfer  such  as  e-transfer,  wire  transfer  are  not  so  safe  because  if  we  deposit  the  money  there  is  now  way  we  can  get  it  back.
 And  can  you  explain  about  the  virtual  cash?  And  its  availabilty  and  usgae  in  India.                

 Abhishek  -  you  may  go  through  the  link  in  my  Jan  12th  post  in  this  thread  to  understand  how  this  works.  Smile  
 K  Ram
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IAH New Member
IAH New Member

Joined: May 05, 2010
Posts: 55
Location: Koramangla, Bangalore

Status: Offline
PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 2:31 pm Post subject: Re: You have little protection for online purchases in India Reply with quote

 Hi  -  
   Just  wanted  to  add  my  2  cents  (it  is  probably  worth  quite  a  bit  less).  I  agree  with  the  comments  by  Madan  and  others  on  the  lack  of  protection  that  one  faces  in  online  purchases  in  India.  However,  as  of  right  now  I  think  (and  i  realize  this  is  probably  going  to  invite  some  flames)  there  is  a  cultural  difference  that  exists  between  India  and  other  (perhaps  more  developed)  markets.  It  almost  seems  like  not  being  very  careful  about  the  truth  (lying  ?)  is  condoned  in  most  aspects  of  life.  To  give  you  an  example  I  have  ordered  many  thousands  of  rupees  worth  of  ferts,  plants,  CO2  equipment  from  Singapore  and  HongKong  in  the  last  6  months  or  so.  There  have  been  dead  on  arrival  plants  and  broken  fert  bottles  in  the  process  but  each  time  the  seller  made  me  whole  by  reshipping  (in  one  case  multiple  times)  the  product  till  I  got  it  right.  
 Contrast  this  with  local  shippers  and  the  multitude  of  comments  I  see  about  'in  stock  but  delayed',  'broken  in  transit'  etc.  Add  on  to  my  own  experience  when  I  bought  or  shipped  small  (low  value)  plant  bulbs  etc.  to  folks  from  IAH  and  have  received  multiple  promises  of  money  to  be  paid  back  (if  I  paid  too  much)  -  not  paid,  items  to  be  returned  (wrong  item  shipped)  and  not  returned  (even  after  offering  to  pay  the  person  shipping).  Granted  I  havent  lost  much  money  -  most  of  it  was  in  the  two  digit  rupee  range  but  it  is  just  the  principle  isnt  it?  It  seems  to  me  that  deceit  and  lying  occurs  all  over  the  globe  -  we  just  seem  to  accept  it  more  in  day  to  day  life?  
   My  general  feel  is  that  the  online  reputation  maintenance  system  in  Ebay  is  perhaps  the  greatest  incentive  to  keep  folks  honest.  I  use  it  extensively  -  perhaps  something  like  that  would  be  really  useful  in  India.  While  ebay.in  exists  -  it  does  not  seem  to  be  as  successful?  
 Anyhow  -  dont  mean  to  step  on  anyones  toes.  No  offense  meant!  Hopefully  none  taken  Wink
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