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http://indianaquariumhobbyist.com/community/ :: View topic - Top 10 Best Vegetable Purifiers in 2018
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Top 10 Best Vegetable Purifiers in 2018

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IAH New Member
IAH New Member

Joined: May 25, 2018
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 6:19 pm Post subject: Top 10 Best Vegetable Purifiers in 2018 Reply with quote

 Are  you  looking  to  buy  best  vegetable  &  fruit  purifiers,  cleaner  and  washer  in  India?  Veg  &  fruit  purifier  kills  bacteria,  viruses,  fungus  and  other  pathogens  from  the  surface  of  vegetables,  fruits,  meat  and  removes  Pesticide  residues,  crop  contaminants.  Veg  Purifier  is  like  a  vegetable  cleaner  machine  that  makes  produce  healthy  and  removes  harmful  chemicals  from  outer  surface  of  veg  &  fruit.  Using  of  ozone  fruit  and  vegetable  washer  is  a  best  way  to  wash  &  clean  fruits  and  vegetables  to  remove  pesticides.
 Why  should  we  wash  fruits  and  vegetables  before  eating  them
 1.  Remove  harmful  Pesticide  residues  and  crop  contaminants
 2.  Kill  bacteria,  viruses,  fungus  and  other  pathogens
 Top  10  Best  Vegetable  &  Fruit  Purifiers
 What  are  the  Different  Methods  Used  for  Eliminating  the  Contaminants  from  Vegetable  and  Fruits?
 Every  single  one  of  us  washes  the  vegetables  and  fruits  prior  to  eating  them.  Though,  using  raw  water  to  get  rid  of  the  impurities  isn’t  adequate.  The  food  products  are  treated  by  an  extensive  quantity  of  insecticides,  pesticides,  and  injurious  chemicals.  Cleaning  the  vegetables  and  fruits  using  water  will  not  assist  in  eliminating  the  remaining  traces.  Numerous  doctors  all  over  the  world  have  the  opinion  that  that  pesticide  might  even  give  rise  to  cancer.  That  is  the  main  cause  why  you  require  using  a  few  innovative  techniques  to  clean  the  vegetable  and  fruits  prior  they  are  consumed.  Below  we  have  discussed  3  methods  used  to  wash  down  the  vegetables  and  fruits  that  might  assist  in  eliminating  the  pesticide  residue.
 Vinegar  Wash
 If  you  choose  to  wash  vegetables  and  fruits  using  vinegar,  it  gives  you  an  effective  method  to  eliminate  all  the  impurities.  You  need  to  fill  up  a  big  bowl  with  4  shares  of  water  and  1  share  of  vinegar  by  volume  and  then  bathe  the  vegetables  and  fruits  in  the  blend  for  anywhere  around  30-60  minutes  before  scrubbing  and  rinsing  them  meticulously  under  running  water.  The  process  is  going  to  keep  the  food  products  fresh  for  an  extended  time  period.  Vinegar  might  assist  in  diminishing  the  pesticide  scum  but  doesn’t  eradicate  every  single  type  of  pesticide.
 Ozone  Vegetable  &  Fruit  Purifier
 The  most  operational  method  for  eliminating  the  contaminants  out  of  veggies  and  fruits  is  through  making  using  an  ozone  vegetable  and  fruit  cleaner.  These  purifiers  utilize  oxygen  available  in  the  atmosphere  to  convert  it  into  ozone,  which  eradicates  the  impurities  from  the  foodstuff.  Whilst  cleaning  the  vegetables  or  fruits  using  water  or  vinegar  isn’t  actually  effective,  the  ozone  vegetable  purifiers  might  assist  in  eliminating  all  the  types  of  pesticides  and  impurities  existent  on  the  fruits  and  veggies  surface.
 Tap  Water  Wash
 Cleaning  the  fruits  and  vegetables  under  tap  water  is  the  oldest  and  easiest  method.  You  just  have  to  place  the  veggies  and  fruits  below  the  faucet  and  rub  them  using  your  hands  for  cleaning.  On  the  other  hand,  tap  water  might  not  comprise  different  sorts  of  contaminants  that  might  give  rise  to  innumerable  health  problems.  Consequently,  though  several  people  can  think  that  cleaning  vegetables  and  fruits  using  tap  water  is  completely  safe,  going  by  the  reality,  this  would  further  make  things  worse.
 How  to  Use  a  Vegetable  Purifier?
 You  just  have  to  put  the  fruits,  vegetables,  and  meat  inside  a  bowl  full  of  water.  Dip  the  Ozone  tube  inside  the  water  bowl  and  veggies.  Fix  the  timer  to  anywhere  around  15  –  30  minutes  relying  on  your  necessity.  Following  the  purification  process,  wash  the  fruits  and  vegetables  using  clean  water.
 What  are  the  Advantages  of  Using  a  Vegetable  Purifier/Cleaner?
 The  fruits  and  vegetables  that  you  consume  are  treated  with  insecticides,  pesticides,  and  other  dangerous  chemicals.  Washing  these  foodstuffs  using  water  isn’t  adequate  for  eliminating  the  impurities.  In  such  situations,  the  vegetable  &  fruit  purifier  might  be  able  to  help  you  get  rid  of  the  harmful  contaminants.
 These  purifiers  utilize  the  ultramodern  ozone  technology,  which  is  dominant  in  eliminating  viruses,  bacteria,  and  other  types  of  pathogens  which  might  give  rise  to  health  issues.  The  purifier  moreover  assists  in  diminishing  the  level  of  contaminants  from  the  vegetable  and  fruit  surface.  In  addition,  the  vegetable  purifiers  sterilize  the  meat,  veggies,  and  fruits,  which  make  them  free  from  pesticides,  insecticides,  bacteria,  viruses,  and  other  pathogens  so  that  your  family  is  safe  from  any  sort  of  health  problems.
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