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Forum usage guidelines

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Author Message
Committed Member of IAH
Committed Member of IAH

Joined: Jun 29, 2003
Posts: 1631
Location: Chennai, India

Status: Offline
PostPosted: Tue Nov 30, 2004 10:20 pm Post subject: Forum usage guidelines Reply with quote

 Forum  Rules  &  Guidelines
 Welcome  to  Indian  Aquarium  Hobbyist.  We  hope  this  portal  &  forum  will  provide  you  with  information  &  know  how  to  maintain  a  better  aquarium.  While  you  learn  from  our  experience,  we  hope  to  learn  from  yours.  We  encourage  you  to  use  this  forum  to  post  any  queries  you  might  have  &  to  post  replies  to  queries  from  others.  While  we  are  on  the  subject  of  posting,  we  have  a  few  Do's  &  Dont's  for  posters.  The  intention  is  to  maintain  certain  standard  and  culture.  
 By  standard,  we  mean  using  good  language  &  good  content.  Please  mind  your  language  and  write  using  all  that  you  learned  in  your  English  classes.  Make  sure  that  your  posts  are  factually  correct.  By  culture,  we  mean  the  tone  &  type  of  response.  We  want  a  friendly  atmosphere  which  promotes  participation  by  everyone.  
 We  have  listed  a  few  rules  for  all  posters  to  follow.  Please  read  and  follow  these  in  both  letter  &  spirit.  We  hope  you  enjoy  IAH  as  much  as  we  enjoyed  putting  it  up  for  you  and  all  aquarist  here  in  India.
 S.  Ravi  Chandran.
 Founder,  Chief  Architect  &  System  Administrator
 ravi  [at]  indianaquariumhobbyist  [dot]  com
 PS  :  Please  consider  this  as  work  in  progress,  subject  to  change  &  improvements.  We  welcome  your  views  of  this  subject.  
 Forum  Rules  -  DOs

  1. Join,  lurk,  then  post.  Spend  some  time  &  read  as  many  posts  as  possible  &  check  on  what's  available  &  what's  not.  Find  out  what  acceptable  on  the  forums  &  what's  not.  
  2. Read  FAQ.  Check  out  the  Frequent  Asked  Questions  section.  Answers  to  your  queries  may  be  there.
  3. Search  before  posting.  Please  search  the  forum  before  posting.  Your  topic  might  already  been  covered.  In  that  case,  we  suggest  that  you  reply  to  that  post  instead  of  starting  new  all  over  again.
  4. Post  in  appropriate  topic  area.  Start  a  new  topic  under  appropriate  heading.  For  example,  queries  on  Discus  should  be  in  Discuss  Discus  under  Fresh  Water  Fishes.  A  query  on  Discus  illness  must  be  posted  in  Diseases  &  Cures  under  Fresh  Water  Fishes.
  5. Post  on  same  topic.  Replies  must  be  relevant  to  the  previous  postings  and  the  heading.  A  post  with  the  heading  "Breeding  Discus"  should  have  posts  relevant  to  breeding  Discus  &  should  not  change  over  to  Discus  illness  or  Discus  tank  requirements.  This  is  help  viewers  when  they  are  searching  for  a  particular  topic.  For  example,  viewer  looking  for  "Discus  Illness  and  Cures"  will  miss  it  because  the  heading  says  "Breeding  Discus",  but  the  discussion  is  on  "Discus  Illness".  
  6. Post  new  queries.  If  you  need  answers  to  queries  which  are  related  but  not  exactly  same  topic,  start  a  new  tread.
  7. Post  with  same  tone.  This  means  that  when  there  is  a  serious  discussion  going  on,  you  should  not  post  a  joke  or  light  hearted  comment.
  8. Post  your  own  work.  All  your  postings  MUST  be  your  own  work.  Please  respect  copyright.  Do  not  post  anything  from  from  any  published  work.  This  includes  anything  from  other  sites,  books,  CDs,  eBooks  or  emails.   Please  include  a  link  to  the  other  site  instead.  Or,  mention  the  name  of  the  book  &  the  viewers  might  want  to  look  it  up.
  9. Post  in  English.  Please  post  only  in  English.  Avoid  other  languages,  since  other  users  may  not  understand  them.
  10. Post  using  good  language.  Please  make  sure  that  your  posts  are  well  written  in  terms  of  grammar,  spelling,  style,  with  appropriate  words  capitalised,  etc.  Please  avoid  SMS  language.  Please  DO  NOT  type  the  entire  post  with  capital  letters.  
  11. Post  with  appropriate  topic  heading.  Please  post  descriptive  headings.   "Help  me,   please",  "I  need  help",  "I  have  a  question",  "Big  problem",  "URGENT"  are  examples  of  bad  headings.  Good  one  are  "Ideal  sizes  for  a  planted  tank",  "How  do  I  clean  white  lines  on  old  aquarium  glass?",  "Filter  and  lights  for  a  six  feet  aquarium".
  12. Post  after  researching.  Your  post  must  be  factually  correct.  Incase  you  are  not  sure,  please  check  on  it.  
  13. Posting  in  Buy  /  Sell  /  Exchange.  This  forum  is  for  hobbyist  only.  Commercial  posts  are  forbidden.  
  14. Posting  in  LFS  Announcements.  Commercial  entities  may  post  here.  Only  availability  may  be  posted.  Prices  SHOULD  not  be  posted.  Poster's  email  id  &  telephone  numbers  may  be  posted.  Viewers  &  posters  may  communicate  directly  with  each  other  to  discuss  prices,  etc.  

 Forum  Rules  -  Don't  Dos

  1. Avoid  Copyright  infringements.  Respect  copyrights.  Do  not  post  someone  else's  work,  even  partial  work,  here  on  IAH  Forums.  You  may  not  post  pictures  or  graphics,  unless  it  is  in  public  domain  or  you  have  the  expressed  permission  of  the  copyright  owner.  You  may  provide  links  or  URL  of  interesting  sites/pages.
  2. Avoid  Bad  Language.  Do  not  post  bad  words,  four  letter  words,  cuzz  words  on  the  forum.  Do  not  swear,  use  hate-words,  use  vulgar  or  obscene  comments.  Avoid  anything  that  may  be  irritating,  insulting,  threatening,  defaming,  etc.
  3. Avoid  Off  Topics.  Do  not  post  off  topic  replies  in  Forums.  Check  if  your  post  is  on  same  topic  or  is  relevant  to  the  subject.
  4. Avoid  Non  Aquatic  Topics.  Let's  keep  discussion  purely  aquatic  here  at  IAH.  Incase  you  must  post  off  topic  stuff,  please  do  so  in  Chit  Chat.
  5. Avoid  personnal  messages.  Do  not  post  messages  meant  for  one  person.  Especially  regarding  prices,  PMs  sent/received  etc.,  We  have  Private  Messages  which  should  be  used  in  these  cases.
  6. Avoid  Commercial  .  Avoid  commercial  postings  anywhere  other  than  Forums  ->  Commercial  ->  LFS  Announcements.
  7. Avoid  price  details.    Posting  prices  is  strictly  prohibited.  You  may  not  negotiate  or  make  counter  offers,  etc  on  the  forum.  Use  Private  Messages  instead.
  8. Avoid  Defaming  or  Libel  Do  not  assert,  imply,  or  insinuate  or  ascribe  any  actions  or  behaviours  to  a  separate  party  that  are  unproven  and  speculative,  to  either  a  public  or  private  figure.
  9. Avoid  Insults.  If  you  don't  have  something  nice  to  say,   please  don't  say  anything  at  all.  
  10. Avoid  Insulting  Smilies.  Avoid  using  smilies  in  an  insulting  or  hurtful  manner.
  11. Do  Not  Once  a  thread  has  been  Locked  by  an  Admin  or  Moderator,  do  not  restart  another  thread  to  continue  the  discussion.  This  will  invite  an  immediate  action  and  you  could  be  banned  from  using  IAH.
  12. ZERO  TOLERANCE  to  SPAM  LFS  and  Commercial  entities  may  use  the  LFS  Announcements  forum  for  their  postings.  Posts  are  restricted  to  ONE  per  entity  every  Sunday.  Posting  of  commercial  messages  in  other  forums  will  be  considered  as  SPAM  and  invite  immediate  action.  No  verification  of  intent  is  deemed  necessary  and  none  will  be  asked  for.
  13. Do  not  bump  any  thread  with  posts  that  does  not  add  value  to  it.

 Forum  Guidelines

  1. Treat  other  Forum  members  with  respect.  Don't  be  rude,  vulgar,  hateful  or  bigoted.  Discuss  the  message,  not  the  messenger.  

 Last  edited  on  4th  May  2009.
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