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 cat3 New to IAH and Beginner's Forum
     cat2 New Members and Beginners
         cat whatsapp group ?
         cat Struggling with my first tank
         cat Best store in Hyderabad with lots of fish varieties?
         cat Hello, i am from Mumbai (Kalina) Need Help with a new setup.
         cat Hi, new member here, experienced, looking for advice....
         cat pls suggest heater and food
         cat putting up new tank 4 1/4' * 1 1/2' * 2' beginner, need idea
         cat Looking for a good top layer - Low budget tank
         cat Help Needed in Delhi (dwarka)
         cat Suggestions required
 cat3 Fresh Water Fishes
     cat2 Fishkeeping and Aquaristics
         cat Red tailed tin foil barb
         cat Angelfish and black skirt tetra nipping
         cat Fishaway.com
         cat A New Home For My Goldfish!
         cat Where to get corydora sp in chennai
         cat Discus fish not eating and sluggish in movement.
         cat Fish ID
         cat Angelfish not eating
         cat How to successfully keep Black Ghost Knifefish
         cat Possible causes for sudden death of fish (Goldfish)
     cat2 Cichlids
         cat My African Dwarf Cichlids
         cat Clown loaches dying
         cat My Flowerhorn fish
         cat parrots or green terror or tiger Oscar
         cat Convict cichlid laying eggs
         cat Convict cichlid taking care of their fry
         cat Convict cichlid gender and breeding behaviour
         cat MY peacock and hap tank setup
         cat Yellow labs breeding in my Malawi community tank.
     cat2 Discuss Discus
         cat 3D background for Discus Tank...........
         cat My discus bare bottom tank
         cat suggestion to cure the discus fish
         cat Planning to add Discuss to established planted Tank.
         cat Discuss spawning
         cat Not Eating Tetrabits
         cat Growing out discus to eventual biotope
         cat Frozen Brine shrimp for fresh and salt water aquatic fish.
         cat Maintaining Water Temperature During Water Changes
         cat Some of my discus
     cat2 Native Indian Fishes
         cat Channa Punctata
         cat Puntius fraseri- a rare indian native
         cat Badis Badis Chennai where to find
         cat platy fish with tiger barb
         cat Pilikula biological park mangaluru
         cat 2 feet tank, Indian Native Fishes?
         cat Plants, Fish and Brids of Ladakh along Indus.
         cat Dawkinsia Assimilis - Red
         cat Pethia setnai question
         cat Native Fish for ID - 2
     cat2 Live Bearers
         cat Female guppy pregnancy - day by day log
         cat Guppy beginners guide
         cat How to breed guppies
         cat can i grow hornworts in my fish tank for mollies guppies ?
         cat Please ID the fish
         cat when molly fry become "balloon"?
         cat guppies sexual maturity
         cat my molly fry growing up - week by week log
         cat Fish compability
         cat Need endlers guppies sword tails - Erode ( Location )
     cat2 Betta Bitten and other Labyrinths
         cat Indian Betta Auction
         cat Betta wanted
         cat guide me to rise my newly hatched betta fries
         cat need good quality bettas in Delhi...
         cat My betta
         cat betta wanted
         cat URGENT Help needed to fix a blunder.
         cat [HELP] Fuzzy Mold or Fungus on TOP FIN
         cat Got started ... again
         cat Betta Pallifina(Wild type Betta)
     cat2 Diseases & Cures
         cat Neon Tetra start Dying after 40/45 days
         cat Koi mouth is mostly open
         cat flower not eating More than a week
         cat finrot (?) on my betta..
         cat Help...
         cat What symptom is this ?
         cat Fish not eating and spitting out food
         cat Lice on Goldfish
         cat Bacterial Infection to my Fish, need help (Pictures Posted)
         cat my flower horn has developed white pimple like spot
     cat2 Breeding & Fry Care
         cat Electric Blue Rams Breeding
         cat food for 5day old oscar fish fry
         cat My convict have bred, need help on microwarm culture
         cat Watch my guppy fry growing up
         cat Top 3 reasons why fry are not growing
         cat How guppies are born? Watch my female guppy giving birth
         cat pregnant guppy and best breeding setup - part2
         cat pregnant guppy and best breeding setup
         cat funny: 6 weeks old molly fry feeding time
         cat my molly gave birth to 80 babies !!!
     cat2 Fish Food
         cat Goat Heart Mix in Bangalore
         cat Microworm Culture in Mumbai
         cat food for fancy gold fish
         cat Food for Anemones?
         cat Capsicum for giant gourami?
         cat fry foods available for sharing
         cat is taiyo and ocean free fish food good for oscar
         cat how to grow Tubifex Worm ?
         cat Anybody wants microtubefex in Bangalore ?
         cat how to make food for your fish fry
     cat2 Invertebrates
         cat Caridina Shrimp
         cat 31C Shrimp tank temperatures (Eggs drop)
         cat fuzzy white web-like stuff on the substrate
         cat Snails in my new planted tank
         cat My Tiny Working Desk Tank !
         cat Please id shrimp
         cat Apple snail in Planted Tank
         cat SHRIMPS disappearing
         cat Where do i get shrimps & snails in pune
         cat Assassin Snail & RCS
 cat3 Fish Collection and Habitat Study Trips
     cat2 Fish Collection and Habitat Study Trips
         cat ID native
         cat ASK/IAH fish Collection and Habitat study trip 23rd October
         cat ASK/IAH fish Collection and Habitat study trip 15th May
         cat 2016 summer habitat study
         cat ASK/IAH fish Collection and Habitat study trip 21st Feb
         cat The Extraordinary League of Fishchasers¬©
         cat bangalore new catch in a river going extinct arkavati
         cat Collected some fish from a lake in Mumbai
         cat collection trip places near hyderabad
         cat ASK/IAH fish Habitat study trip dated 24th Sunday May 2015
 cat3 Marine Aquariums
     cat2 Marine Fishes
         cat Nano Marine Setup
         cat Want to setup a Reef aquarium in chennai
         cat How to upload pics
         cat Marine hobbyists from Gujarat
         cat sea horse
         cat Need Stocking Help
         cat Marine Tank for sale
         cat Suggestion on New Tank Setup - Pump
         cat Live rock available 300 kgs
         cat planted fish tank
     cat2 Live Rock and Invertebrates
         cat Best chiller for my tank ..
         cat selling my marine small setup . For Chennai peoples only.
         cat need someone with existing marine setup, Bangalore
         cat marine tank water temperature and invertebrates
         cat Need Good LFS in bangalore for my Marine TANK and Stand Only
         cat Where to get Live Rock in Bangalore
         cat lps coral in kolkata
         cat Need Cured LR
         cat sump design for clown anemone tank
         cat Live Rock and Live sand available
     cat2 Water Chemistry
         cat Recommendation on water testing kit?
         cat Water Chemistry with cauvery water in bangalore
         cat Nitrate removal powder
         cat GFO + Matrix carbon
         cat Default reading for GH AND KH reading planted tanks
         cat Help needed - cloudy water for a month
         cat Water Chemistry in Mumbai
         cat Can I use direct Mineral Drinking water from shop (20 Litre)
         cat IAL - in Planted Tank
         cat How to Lower PH
     cat2 Lighting for Marine Aquaria
         cat Need Suggestion on light and wavemaker for 4 feet tank
         cat growing corals under natural light
         cat Urgent help needed - Thumbscrew Maxspect Razor
         cat Matal halide Lamp required
         cat diy leds
         cat T5 lights in Banglore
         cat Need Help in Selecting Lights !!!!
         cat Bringing in Sun Light with OFC
         cat Kessil A350W LED Light
     cat2 Feeding Marine Livestock
         cat Continuous phyto>copepod>amphipod culture device
         cat tigger pods
         cat Can grindal worms be fed to marine fish ?
         cat New Life Spectrum fish food in India?
         cat Need Copepod starter culture
         cat Advice on weaning Dwarf Lionfish
         cat Best Diet for a healthy Clarkii Clown
         cat Need Tetraselmis algae,Nannochloropsis alga
         cat Copepod starter culture
         cat Freshwater fish feeding is poison to marine fish - Thiaminas
 cat3 Aquatic Plants
     cat2 Aquatic Plants and Planted Aquaria
         cat Plants that can breach the surface
         cat indian fern
         cat Need Expert Advice
         cat Failing planted tank .. sos F1
         cat My first tank..Dry Start Monte Carlo need help.
         cat Need help to understand why holes are there in plant leaves
         cat Need help with low tech plant
         cat Please help to Id this plant
         cat need help with monte carlo carpet
         cat Can i use a moulded tank as a planted tank?
     cat2 Aquascaping
         cat My 190 liter Aquascape
         cat My new scape
         cat New Scape of my 3feet (with some guidance to beginners)
         cat Random Hard Scape Ideas
         cat Green Alp (Planted Nano Tank) More Pic uploaded
         cat Forrest of the Goblins(Non Co2 & Low tech Nano Tank)
         cat Cave of Enigma(More Pics Uploaded)
         cat 1100L Non-CO2 Planted at Avion Resort, Lonavla (Pics+Video)
         cat 2x1x1ft aquascaping
         cat My aquascape with Dirt Substrate
     cat2 Lighting for Planted Aquaria
         cat Buy T5HO and T5 Osram and Narva tube here(any size)
         cat Help required to buy 39w 6500k light
         cat Best time of the day(morning,evening) for lighting?
         cat Advice needed on the LED strip?
         cat Current USA Sattelite doubt
         cat Issue with Frontier Timer not switching off
         cat LED Build Journal - Completed and some experiments
         cat Household LED bulbs for planted tanks
         cat LED selection for the tank
         cat Plant growth stunted
     cat2 CO2 Equipment for Planted Aquaria
         cat CO2 bps does not increase when the needle valve is opened
         cat DIY CO2 STAINLESS STEEL (CHINA MADE) (Citric + baking soda)
         cat pressurized co2 for a 40Litre/10g tank?
         cat ISTA Max Mix CO2 Reactor Cracking
         cat Co2 reactor
         cat Latest Planted Tank Co2 Remote Reactor
         cat Solenoid Valve
         cat Are these CO2 cylinders suitable for Aquarium use?
         cat CO2 Cylinder Filling - South Chennai
         cat How to clean a CO2 diffuser ?
     cat2 Macro and Micro Fertilisers
         cat Agricultural grade raw material for preparing nutrients
         cat Biochar Fertilisers
         cat What deficiencies are the plants suffering from?
         cat agri grade fertilizers in chennai
         cat How to make Macro Fertiliser??
         cat regarding agriculture grade fertilizer use in aquarium
         cat Locations from where people in mumbai can buy fertilizers
         cat Locally sourced chelated micro nutrient makes 90 litres
         cat Dosing for Non CO2 Tank
         cat Trace elements
 cat3 Water Gardening
     cat2 Outdoor Containers
         cat Suggestions needed
         cat Keeping fishes in outdoor containers in Bangalore weather
         cat Fish for plant growing tub?
         cat How to avoid mosqoitoes and other insects breeding in ponds
         cat Outdoor tub Collection
         cat Water lily tub with platies
         cat Emersed Cultivation-(Plant-Dwarf Hair grass)
         cat Emersed Cultivation-(Plant-Dwarf Hair grass)
         cat Emersed Cultivation-(Plant-Dwarf Hair grass)
         cat Emersed Cultivation-(Plant-Dwarf Hair grass)
     cat2 Garden Ponds
         cat how tohave ornamental fish in a cemented pond
         cat Anyone done a salt pond?
         cat suggestions required pond making
         cat Elevated DIY pond using plastic liner and decking boards
         cat Outdoor pond pics and problems. Warning - long post
         cat Arowana Pond
         cat Is outdoor koi pond advisable in chennai
         cat Old water tank - converted to pond
         cat My Planted Tank
         cat underground water tank
 cat3 Equipment and Accessories
     cat2 Filtration Equipment
         cat need timpeller for Aqueal Kani cannister filter
         cat SUN SUN Canister Leakage Problem
         cat O ring cor canster filter
         cat Fluval fx6 canister
         cat Suggestion's please on Filter media for caninster filter
         cat Possible to increase HOB filter performance?
         cat [ Resolved ] impeller and shaft for Eheim Classic 250 (2213)
         cat Help needed on choosing the right filter
         cat Spare Santamonica ATS
         cat WTB: Eheim 2217 and CO2 solenoid
     cat2 Lighting Equipment - General
         cat Chihiros A PLUS Series LED light via aliexpress- need advice
         cat Cree XP-E XPE 1W-3W Cool Warm White
         cat T5 39W 3FT TUBES -- URGENT
         cat LED Light
         cat Aluminium reflectors in bangalore?
         cat Lighting requirements
         cat Timer suggestion, please
         cat DIY daylight simulation in a LED Fish tank
         cat Aquazonic light (PLL)
         cat LED Lighting for 2 Foot Cube
     cat2 Substrates, Rocks, Driftwood and Decorations
         cat anybody used borneo wild substrate
         cat Opinion On Using Black Earth Premium Substrates?
         cat Mix of substrate
         cat ID the rocks
         cat Substrate for Fish only tank
         cat Usage of Beach sand in Fresh water Aquarium
         cat Review of substrate Black Earth Premium
         cat laterite with peat soil
         cat which Substrate is the best to be used for Beginners
         cat Substrate Experiment - Commercial in outdoor potted plants
     cat2 Other Equipment
         cat 120 Tank Gallon Question
         cat Co2 valve leak. Pls help.
         cat Repairing Hailea Chiller(replacing compressor)
         cat Wavemaker
         cat Aquarium Hood
         cat Anyone from Hyderabad or Vizag.. Please help....
         cat CPU Fans improved performance?
         cat Frontier timer not working
         cat Dow corning sealants
         cat Twinstar.
 cat3 Do It Yourself
     cat2 DIY
         cat DIY aquarium tank
         cat DIY LED Hood Build & Aquarium Automation - Completed !
         cat First floor balcony converted into aquarium
         cat Tank hood-Which plastic-Chennai
         cat 4 feet tank ideal dimention
         cat DIY -- Rocks for cichlid setup
         cat Submersible filter problem
         cat Need Expert Advice.!!!!URGENT TANK DIY
         cat My DIY LED Controller
         cat New DIY LED plans - Need Experts advise
 cat3 IAH Competitions
     cat2 Photo Competitions
         cat Winner Tank Of the Year 2012
         cat Tank of The Year-2012-Entries- POLL
         cat WINNER NOV 2012
         cat Tank of The Year-2012 Photograph Contest(Closed)
         cat Photo Competition-Entries- POll
         cat Tank of The Year Photograph Contest-Poll
         cat HALL OF FAME
         cat Photo Competition Topic Nov 2012- CLOSED
         cat Freshwater Plants in Mumbai
         cat Photo Competition Topic Nov 2012- POLL CLOSED
 cat3 IAH News
     cat2 Site Chatter
         cat PM not working
         cat shopping with India Aquarium. disaster so far.
         cat IAH becoming a boon or bane?
         cat AquaBite - Help Us To Help You
         cat Raj4um trolling posts
         cat Hamza Poonawalla Reference on practicalfishkeeping.co.uk
         cat IAH in Tapatalk
         cat Any forums,facebook,etc. for chennai marine aquarists
         cat No one for co2 refill in south bombay
         cat Spam posting alert..
     cat2 How To
         cat how to join groups here ! wanna join chennai group
         cat Transporting fish on domestic flight
         cat Couriering plants
         cat Need ID but not able to upload Image
         cat Error uploading pic to an existing post
         cat Please ID plants
         cat Please ID Fish
         cat How to add Emoticons
         cat hi all new to this hobby need help
         cat How to delete my own post
     cat2 Guidelines
         cat importing arowanas and discus
         cat Vendor's Point Forum Guidelines
         cat Revival of old threads
         cat Buy / Sell / Exchange - Forum usage guidelines
         cat Forum usage guidelines
 cat3 Misc
     cat2 Chit Chat
         cat Looking for supplier
         cat ID this colourfull fish
         cat CLOSING MAM -Threatening phone calls by hobbyist
         cat indianaquarium.com
         cat Algae for the general public
         cat Issues with HC
         cat Air pump
         cat Kurla fish market -- Need info
         cat Cannot reply to WTS section
         cat Products bought from Aliexpress not reaching - Resolved
     cat2 Events
         cat MAM May 2017
         cat April 23rd 2017 ASK meet in Cubbon park
         cat MAM April 2017
         cat ASK meet on 18th Dec 2016 in fond Memory of Trevor Menezes
         cat IAH T-Shirts Preorder
         cat Aquatika 2016 - Mini Auction
         cat Sports wood floor production and processing
         cat Asphalt Pavement Cracks
         cat Aquatika 2016 - Registrations
         cat Aquatika 2016 - Agenda
     cat2 Want to Sell / Exchange - Hobbyist Only
         cat WT Sell Exchange Guppies (Mixed Variety)
         cat WTS - 24" Cube Marine Tank
         cat WTS CO2
         cat WTS Fish
         cat Alenquer A1 grade discus and blue diamond available
         cat Plants for giveaway OR exchange for Java Moss
         cat bosemani rainbow in bangalore
         cat St repens brown
         cat WTS-Vallisneria Nana
         cat Give away tenellus
     cat2 Want to Buy - Hobbyist Only
         cat WTB Cardinals\Neon tetra
         cat WTB Java Moss
         cat WTB fish feeder
         cat WTB cardinal tetras, ottos & RCS - Delhi NCR
         cat WTB - true Siamese algae eater
         cat Fertilizers
         cat assasin snails and shrimps . chennai
         cat WTB Pogostemon Heleri.
         cat WTB - Springtail/Isopod Culture
         cat WTB - Blxya Japonica and US FISSIDENS - Bangalore
     cat2 Aquarium Photography
         cat My little world - Pictures from my 5G Planted
         cat Some fishy shots
         cat Natives are pretty too....
         cat A few rusty images
         cat Dirt on the glass
         cat Pics of "posers" in my tanks :)
         cat My 200L Planted Tank
         cat HD Video of my 240G SPS dominated reef
         cat Baby Green Terror's
         cat Sparring lions! | Pterois volitans
 cat3 Vendor's Point
     cat2 Aqua Design Amano India
         cat Setting up part planted tank
         cat The Great Indian Aquascaping Contest 2014
         cat The Great Indian Aquascaping Awards 2013
         cat Lighting Hours
         cat Lighting unit from ADA
         cat Do ADA make Pressurized CO2 cylinders ?
         cat WTB ADA Amazonia 5x 9Lts bags
         cat ADA Hobbyists Skill workshop - Chennai
         cat TGIAC 2012 Results preview- Update
         cat Free Aqua Journal Worth 5 US $ Grab it now ! !!
     cat2 Aquaspotworld - India
         cat Aquaspot World (India) Website Restoration
         cat Aquaspot World - India Website Down
         cat Fresh Plants available.
         cat Goodies have arrived!!!
         cat Amazonia II - for Indians
         cat The Sun
         cat ADA Aqua Soil Series
         cat Aquaspot World - www.aquaspotworld.in
         cat "We are in India"
     cat2 Indiapetstore.com
         cat For information of members
         cat New Brands to Import - Customer Choice.
         cat Order Confirmation No: 3016556
         cat Under Maintenance - 60Hrs
         cat Seachem New Stocks Arrived.
         cat Indiapetstore.com - Shipment Tracking Facility.
         cat Indiapetstore.com Independent of Fresh n Marine
         cat Nirav's Contact number
         cat Trying to contact Nirav
     cat2 Aquasstaronline
         cat Co2 Cylinders - Now Available
         cat NLS : Most Wanted : Now Available
         cat IAH Welcomes Aquasstaronline to Sponsored Forums
     cat2 Varsha Aquamax
         cat Exotic Cichlids & Killies Available
         cat IAH Welcomes Varsha Aquamax to Vendor's Point Forums
     cat2 Sreepadma Aqua Flora
         cat A question about Sreepadmas SSL certificate
         cat Free aquatic plants to all Aquatika 2016 attendees ..
         cat Grand Diwlai Offer!!
         cat Dussehra 2015 Offer!!
         cat We Listen ..
         cat Sreepadma farm pictures
         cat New arrivals @ www.sreepadma.com
         cat Eriocaulons available in limited quantity ...
         cat Tank Pics - www.sreepadma.com
         cat Shipping Discount - CLOSES ON 31.12.2014 HURRY!!
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     cat2 Aquatika 2013 @ Pune ~ Pre event dinner party
     cat2 Aquatika 2013 @ Pune ~ The day before
     cat2 How would you like to access IAH ?
     cat2 Hayath's Presentation Aquarium Photography
     cat2 Results Dec 09 Photo Competition
     cat2 Results- September 2009 Photo Competition
     cat2 Results- July 2009 Photo Competition
     cat2 May 2009 Photo Competition Winner
     cat2 Fitting Momento
     cat2 Stung by My Super Model-The Lion Fish
     cat2 Livestock Import Procedure.
     cat2 A Long and Salty Journey...
     cat2 a slightly humourous account of starting a planted tank...
     cat2 Something Fishy
     cat2 Ph & Aquariums
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